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What Is StickyMark?

StickyMark is a revolutionary new tool that makes DIY home decor and home improvements easy and simple! Simply attach our tool to the object you wish to hang – from television stands to picture frames to shelves – and mark where you need to drill, nail, or fasten the object to your walls! With our mark to show you where to work there’s no more patching misplaced holes, no more crooked frames, and no more time spent adjusting and readjusting! Simply peel, stick, and mark!

Our Inspiration

“After much anticipation and excitement we had finally bought our first home. Anxiously, we went straight to shop for paintings, frames, mirrors, and other beautiful artwork to decorate and personalize our new dream home!

We measured and re-measure just to get our holes wrong multiple times. It was frustrating and inconvenient to ruin our new walls with unnecessary and more importantly incorrect holes! Our failed efforts quickly turned into a pile of new home décor items sitting on the side of our garage wall collecting dust for weeks. Let’s just say that’s not what we signed up for. The excitement of buying new wall décor turned into dread as we brought in one item at a time every weekend to hang.  

Then we thought, decorating our beautiful home should never be this stressful. There’s got to be a better way to do this! Thus StickyMark was born!

StickyMark makes hanging your favorite items on the wall painless. It marks your wall precisely where you need to drill in order to insert your nail or fastener. Eliminating the need to drill multiple incorrect holes and the hassle of measuring. Now you can position your item exactly where you envision it and get it right the first time!

Stop stressing out about hanging your favorite items on the wall and turn your visions into reality with StickyMark!

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About us

StickyMark is patent pending in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It uses a water washable marker that can easily be wiped away with a wet cloth. Its adhesive base uses non-damaging 3M material which makes it great for re-use.

While it is designed conveniently small for its application, the marker is filled with enough ink and its damage-free adhesive base to allow for several uses of the product to wrap up your project.

Life Simple

StickyMark is simple to use and eliminates the need for using a measuring tape or other expensive tools.

Home and Office

Use StickyMark at your home or office to hang your favorite frames, mirrors, certificates, clocks and more.

Affordable Price

Get StickyMark for a very affordable price.

Think outside the box

Our creative customers have used StickyMark for various projects. Visit our Facebook page to discover more!

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